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It also depends on which country you talk about.

F.I. Becker had a huge impact on developing tennis in Germany, one of the finest sporting nations on earth but with a very poor record at tennis.It really looked like there was no tennis in Germany till 1985 Wimbledon.

Vilas in Argentina and Santana in Spain did the same thing.Tennis was a very elitist sport in elitist countries but no popular basis.Both made it extremely popular and the current croop of Argentinianīs and Spainīs pros owe that to them.

What about Gomez in Ecuador? and Vijay Amritraj in India?.I would even give credit Andrei Chesnokov for developing tennis in the Soviet Union, but Russia is a very complicated country and easy explanations like that probably donīt work.

I am not sure if that chinese girl that won RG a few years ago will do the same for China.I doubt it.

I am sure, after Djokovic, Serbia tennis will explode.Serbians ( and all ex Yugoslavians) are extremely talented for sports, and I see that happening.
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