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So I got to play around with an RDC machine today before I hit and found something rather interesting results.

B7/Iontec Hybrid: 38
Iontec Regular: 31
Iontec Hexa: 32

What's shocking is that the Iontec regular is shifty, notched, and thoroughly played with. One could even say that it's "dead" yet it measures the same stiffness as the [relatively] fresh bed of Hexa. Figure the Hexa only has about an hour of play on it so it's no where near abused.

On another note, I hit with a friend tonight and had the chance to try out a ProStaff 6.1 95 with Wilson Spincycle in it. The frame is stupidly off-spec even for a wilson. It's over 10g heavier, 4 points more head heavy and SW is 20pts higher. Having qualified that, I kindof liked this heavy frame. The true spec version felt nice but ultimately too light. It's not for me but it definitely opened my eyes to Spincycle. I never really thought anything about it but this string feels like it could have some potential. Feel @ 53 was comfortable and didn't reflect how stiff the string feels when stringing. Coupled with the 6.1 95, I didn't need a vibration dampener either. I'd love to see how it plays in my Youteks

Also hit with B7/It for a bit. I found this string much more comfortable when hitting a slower paced ball. When trying to hit out on fast paced returns-- I wasn't really impressed. The cross of these two strings nullified the characteristics I liked about each as a full bed. When just hitting a slower ball back and forth, the feel and spin seemed to come back.

Bright side is that I have an order coming in tomorrow w/ more B7 16 on the way. I'll definitely be trying that out to see if I can eek out some more performance while still keeping tension.
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