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Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
Reporting back from my first hit with the beast xp/premier attack hybrid last night.

Played 4 sets of doubles and just hit groundstrokes and serves for about another 30 minutes.

: The most comfortable setup I have ever hit with.
: Tons of spin production.
: Fairly low powered.
: Minimal string movement (beast did not move one iota but premier attack would move ever so slightly)

On groundstrokes I was able to really produce some amazing shots when focusing on trying to generate spin. Could swing out freely and rely on the spin to dip the ball in. Found I could actually get pretty good sidespin on the ball and make it "hook".

Due to low power I found if I did not swing hard that my ball would land short and get destroyed by opponent. Had to force myself to swing harder on my one handed backhand to keep it deep in court.

Serves took some adjusting. First set of serves I was getting hammered because there was too much spin and not enough pace. Found I could reliably hit a strong kick or sidespin serve but needed to put extra effort into getting pace. After first set I changed my grip a little and was able to increase the pace of my serve while still retaining some spin. Once I made the adjustments my serve was rocking. Last 2 sets of the evening I was holding at love the majority of the time and even scoring some aces.

Overall impression:
One of my favorite hybrids to have ever played with so far. This string is super comfortable and generates unbelievable spin. I cannot comment on durability yet so we will see how long this lasts.

For reference I normally play with Wilson Sensation Duo Hybrid (Enduro Pro/Sensation).
I have also played with Babolat Pro Hurricane/Nvy hybrid and a Kirshbaum Pro Line/Prince Syn Gut hybrid.
This is my go to hybrid with my Warrior. What racquet is this in and what tension was it strung at? I do mine at 52/54 and it's not low powered at all.
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