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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Didnt see RAW, but I can understand why they would use Brock in that capacity. Maybe when my buddy told me they are setting up Brock vs Rock WM for the title he isnt that far off.

But that Diverticulitis really affected him. He lost way too much muscle mass and doesnt have that same beast appeal. Id say Batista at this point probably would have been better to come in and take the monster heel role.

Did they do anythign with Tensai on RAW? I still got 4 more weeks of bowling so I usually catch the replays on Universal HD later in the week.
You can usually find the full shows of Raw/Smackdown on youtube within a day of when they're over.

The opening segment was awesome. Batista's a dbag, I hope he never comes back. I don't care how much Brock's lost, he's still a bigger draw and more interesting than Batista ever was and ever will be.
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