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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
There are certain people that are going to cheer Brock NO MATTER WHAT. Of course he's a heel now since he sided with Ace. The Cena feud is just to get him over as a heel with the kids and Cena fans (yes there are some, not everyone hates the guy). Then he can move onto Orton and get even more heel heat, then beat Punk for the title and get mega heat from the internet/smarky crowd. The crowd reaction will change in due time, that's not a big deal right now. But they're pushing him to be a mega heel, that much is clear.
I understand the Cena feud but i just dont see it happening. I do agree if they have him destroy Punk then he will get heal heat. Having him destroy Bryan would work as well as the internet smarks loves his work rate. I just think your gonna see him destroy guy after guy and still get cheered for it.

They havnt seen a real monster heel in a long time. Henry was so close but got injured then jobbed out which was a shame. Kane at this point isnt as scary as he was. So the monster heels have been lacking and Brock brings that. So people are gonna cheer him as everyone loves a monster that can actually move.

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Heard those Albert chants again Monday.
Had me dying laughing. I am not sure if they really believed people wouldnt remember who he was.
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