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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
You can usually find the full shows of Raw/Smackdown on youtube within a day of when they're over.

The opening segment was awesome. Batista's a dbag, I hope he never comes back. I don't care how much Brock's lost, he's still a bigger draw and more interesting than Batista ever was and ever will be.
I guess if I had a bigger monitor it wouldnt be so bad. But I like the Universal HD replays and dont mind already knowing what is going to happen. I usually turn it on go take a crap and when a divas segmant comes on ill fast forward through that. Thank god for the divas or I wouldnt get to drop a duece in the middle of RAW or SD

I know brock will get more love than Batista. I was just trying to say Batistas physique is better at this point than Brocks. Brock still does habe the crazy looking eyes though. I liked Batista in Evolution but once he was main eventing I felt he couldnt hold his own very well. Very Goldbergesque.
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