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Originally Posted by frunk View Post
I have the yellow and the shoulder taping makes it seem boxy and weird. not to mention it has the worst fabric of all RF polos I've ever worn.
I can agree with the shoulder taping but the fabric?????

I love the material that shirt is made out of its awesome. At first I thought it was some kind of foam or something but now I have no idea what it is (Ive never bothered to look at the tag).

I love the material though, super comfortable and takes care of my profuse sweating. Best part is it wont stain. At a tournament last summer I spilled red powerade down the front of myself and I thought I ruined the shirt. Went into the locker room and ran some warm water over it and the red powerade washed right out of it!!!! I was able to keep wearing the shirt right there at the tournament with no traces of powerade on it!!
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