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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I guess if I had a bigger monitor it wouldnt be so bad. But I like the Universal HD replays and dont mind already knowing what is going to happen. I usually turn it on go take a crap and when a divas segmant comes on ill fast forward through that. Thank god for the divas or I wouldnt get to drop a duece in the middle of RAW or SD

I know brock will get more love than Batista. I was just trying to say Batistas physique is better at this point than Brocks. Brock still does habe the crazy looking eyes though. I liked Batista in Evolution but once he was main eventing I felt he couldnt hold his own very well. Very Goldbergesque.
Batista dropped some weight after he left WWE. He was in Miami for a triathalon last weekend.

Still big, but not as big as he was during the Evolution days. And if you want to talk about mic work then bring up Batista? Basketballs don't hold grudges Batista?

They already did the monster thing with Batista as heel going after Cena 2 years ago, it was pretty good but would feel like too much of a retread now. Meanwhile Brock has been away for so long and has the reputation as a legit UFC Champ to fall back on, even if his physique isn't what it once was.

Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
I understand the Cena feud but i just dont see it happening. I do agree if they have him destroy Punk then he will get heal heat. Having him destroy Bryan would work as well as the internet smarks loves his work rate. I just think your gonna see him destroy guy after guy and still get cheered for it.

They havnt seen a real monster heel in a long time. Henry was so close but got injured then jobbed out which was a shame. Kane at this point isnt as scary as he was. So the monster heels have been lacking and Brock brings that. So people are gonna cheer him as everyone loves a monster that can actually move.
I don't think it matters how they push him if certain people are still going to cheer him. The crowd chants 'YES' for Bryan but he's not turning face anytime soon, at least I don't think. The crowd's booed Cena for years and he doesn't turn heel. Kane gets cheered even though he's a heel. So I'm sure they can live with some people still cheering Lesnar even though he's booked as a heel.
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