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Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
Those were exhibitions, if Budge won every match people would have stopped buying tickets.
The point is, exhibitions in professional tennis in those days were the bread and butter of the game as professional tournaments (and money) were fewer. Professional tennis players were basically seen as pariahs back then as far as the tennis establishment was concerned. The authorities and the media would laud the winners of the amateur majors, despite the fact that everyone with more than a keen interest in tennis, knew that the professionals were the better players and were banned from those tournaments.

This is in stark contrast to today where professional tennis is strongly supported by all the authorities and with the top players in the world worth hundreds of millions of pounds/dollars/euros. There is also a very good "order" to the tour these days with players generally playing the same sort of tournaments throughout the year. Exhibitions today are a sideshow, not the bread and butter of the players. The bread and butter of players today are the ATP World Tour tournaments from month to month.

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