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Default Klip Venom Review

OK, here is my review in the TW format of the Klip Venom 16.

The string does look like a snake. It had some minor coil issues but other than that it was easy to work with. The old ball bounce test seems to indicate a lack of spin.

Tension it is strung: 60 pounds on a lockout machine full bed
Your regular string set up: Weiss Cannon Black 5 Edge 17 Mains(52#)/Genesis Thunder Blast 16 Crosses(56#)
Racket: Pro Kennex 7G (this is different than the others tested in the Babolat PST+)String pattern of your racquet: 16 x 20
Power (or lack there of): Low/Medium powered multi
Feel: Average
Tension maintenance: The last reading I got off RacquetTune was 8.1% tension loss.Price: $13.99/set, did not see reels on TW
Overall comments and feedback: See below

General: This is a decent multifilament string but at the price point I expected a little more.

Serve/Return of Serve: Serves were OK, I don't remember many aces. Sometimes 2nd serves were getting pounced on too but other times my opponents were having trouble with it. Returns were just so/so.

Strokes: Adequate spin on both wings but not great. My slice seemed to float at times and I hit too many balls wide. While I can't blame wide balls on the string, I think a lack of confidence in it was causing me to aim for the lines more.

Volleys: Volleys are excellent with this string.

Touch shots: About average.

Softness: This is probably the 5th softest multi I've tested to date. Great for those with arm problems.

Tension: If I had to try it again, I lower the tension slightly to get a little more pop.

Durability: This lasted for 7 sets of singles and 3 sets of doubles.

Movement: String movement was average for a multi meaning it moved a fair amount.

Conclusion: At the premium price, there are certainly others below $10 that play better than this string. The durability was fairly good for me though.
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