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Originally Posted by michaelscoots View Post

How does the Wilson Chris Evert Autograph play compared to a Jack Kramer Auto? I notice the wood from the base of the handle comes further up the shaft. Is it stiffer? I've read it's lighter (I'm guessing the "lights" are lighter than your average JK light). Any insight?

Hi Michael, To me, it feels softer and lighter than the Jack Kramer auto. It's easier to play with than both the Jack Kramer auto and Borg Pro. The Borg Pro is the most demanding of the 3 racquets.

The cool about using the Chris Evert racquet after you have beaten your opponent, you could brag (in a friendly way) that it's not just a wood racquet but also women's wood racquet -- sounds like even more of a handicap but in reality not so at all
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