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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
Hi Michael, To me, it feels softer and lighter than the Jack Kramer auto. It's easier to play with than both the Jack Kramer auto and Borg Pro. The Borg Pro is the most demanding of the 3 racquets.

The cool about using the Chris Evert racquet after you have beaten your opponent, you could brag (in a friendly way) that it's not just a wood racquet but also women's wood racquet -- sounds like even more of a handicap but in reality not so at all
Too funny Mick! I think I'll have to pick one up just so I can use your line...after I win of course!

And yeah, I picked up a Borg Pro (14.17oz strung). First time out hitting with it I couldn't stop laughing at the baseline. I felt like everything was in slow motion (swing-wise) and without much effort the ball was being drilled with a ton of pace to the other side. Really hard to prepare if you have little time. There's no whipping this one around Rafa style that's for sure. I may take it out again for another laugh soon. But I've been having fun with the lighter woods (when I say light, they're usually 13.10-13.35 strung with over grip). They end up being almost identical in weight to my usual stick... K90. Using mostly modern technique, although it's fun to feel the old tech. come into play on an approach, volley put away combo

And there is nothing synthetic about the feel of the wood. You really feel the ball and where it's going. Playing with wood, I feel like my senses are all heightened. Man, I'd love to see the ATP pros play an exhibition with all wood (yeah, I've seen Sampras and a few others break one out). But it would be awesome to have an entire tournament with wood.
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