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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
Sounds fantastic – believe it or not, my idea of Swedish food is hotdogs at Ikea (no salt/pepper in the smaller café, it turns out). Let me ask you this question about Sweden – is it all pasty pristine blonde people, or is it really all overrun by handsome dark immigrant people?

Food and drink is a delicate topic. When I first joined the forum, a respectable member queried me on my sangria recipe. I probably was not very responsive at the time, because the basic sangria seemed obvious to me. I am more knowledgeable now in the ways of food and drink, and I can share now.

You squeeze the ends of the orange into a pitcher and slice the middle. Slice and squeeze some lime and lemon. Add sugar. Pour some fine red wine. Empty one ice tray into the pitcher and mix it well so the drink gets cold. Add sparkling mineral water. Add another tray of ice to finalize the pitcher. Pour into a voluminous glass and enjoy!
We're not all blonde and beautiful (I for instance am black). Generally, we all do look good though. Immigrants aren't that big a deal though, I don't see how some parties might think of such. Plus, diversity only brings good. BTW, I think I'll try that sangria recipe once I'm able to get hold on some wine (that's got to be from Denmark and at a time when customs aren't having a look at you).
Uninstintively instinctive.
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