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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
i bet if you gave Nadal a wood racquet to play with, in a short time he would figure out how to adjust his strokes to use it well. We are amateurs and could adapt to it, He's one of the all-time great players. It should be no problem for him, I have no doubts
I totally agree. I've picked up so many wood racquets lately. The Maxply McEnroe, the Jack Kramer Prostaff, and I played around with the Maxply Fort as well (my stick from when I was a kid in the 70's). I can't get over how different the Maxply McEnroe is from the Prostaff. I mean, I know it's got fiberglass to stiffen it up. But, how John McEnroe jumped from the PS to Maxfort then Maxply McEnroe and continued to play at the same level blows me away. But then you think, well, he's one of the all time greats...

I say bring the ATP wood exhibition on!
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