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Originally Posted by michaelscoots View Post
That's good motivation!! Hey, we all need something that motivates us, and now you're better off!

On a serious note, I find the more conditioned I am (working out regularly for the past 6 years now), the more effortless and fun my tennis game is on a whole. I've always been on the light side but I had an office job in my 30's and everything went to pot! I was still thin but the muscles, ligaments and tendons just weren't there. Now I'm back on track and feel as though I'm in the best shape of my life.
the amazing thing about the top tennis players is that they all got a six pack abs, even Serena Williams.

My boss is an iron man participant who is in top physical condition. One time i asked him if he had a six pack. He said no and he worked out a lot.
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