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Originally Posted by TexasTennisbum View Post
Hello string experts...
I need options:

4.5 player serve/volley, loopy forehand with heavy topspin, 1hbh, settled on Prestige Pro IG

1. The PP I purchased off of **** had Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 full bed at something like 60 pounds. This was too tight for me and was sneaking up on my tennis elbow at times. It was like a wooden plank at times.

2. I then, per the advice of a tennis shop strung it with a full bed of Luxilon ALU Power Big Banger Fluoro 17 at 50 pounds. I played with it for four hours yesterday, had mild elbow tinge, nothing too bad. I didn't get much more of a pop over the PH setup mentioned in 1, which surprised me. I got an increase in topspin forehand and lefty spin on the serve, maybe 25% more.

I don't think I am sacrificing anything that great if I move away from these setups to remove the risk of significantly damaging my elbow.

Whoever reads this thread or the OP certainly know strings, what am I missing, what should I try next if anything?
Try Multi's read Mikeler's Multi thread for recommendations. Your elbow will thank you
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