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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
All this crossdressing talk reminds me of a quote(someone will remember the context) to the effect:
"Yeah, he dresses like Vitas but volleys like Ruta!!!",r:1,s:0,i:72
I would pay serious money to have the volleying skills of Ruta
Ruta Gerulaitis (born 18 November 1955 ) is an American tennis player, born of Lithuanian parents, professional in the late 1970s and early 1980.

In 1979 , she reached the quarterfinals at Roland Garros (beaten by Chris Evert ), after having successively taken out Chris O'Neil , Ilana Kloss and Betty Stove. This was her best performance in a single round of a Grand Slam .

She is the younger sister of Vitas Gerulaitis .
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