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Default Discho Iontec Hexa 1.20

Stringischo Iontec [Earthworm] Hexa 1.20
Frame(s): YT Radical Pro
Tension: 48

Same exact stringing as Iontec normal minus the shape. No real problems.

After putting this stuff through the ringer, I'm left a bit confused. IMO it plays like a neutral version of the Iontec 1.25 that I tried. It just doesn't make sense. I didn't notice any significant spin gain, nor any other benefits. If anything, I liked this string less than the original. for the most part this will be a biased review comparing it to the original.

More or less similar to Iontec 1.25 but crisper/stiffer feeling. Initially I'd like to say that control is slightly better but not as a result of spin (strange, I know.) I felt like I was still getting decent action on the ball but as a whole they were landing shorter around the service line. Definitely a bit less pop/ free power. In terms of feel, Iontec regular is definitely less stiff.

Once the tension started to drop and the strings began to shift that semblance of control was gone. If I really tried to hit out on the ball, I found that it was consistently landing about a foot-2 out

Again, very similar to Iontec regular. The only thing I noticed a bit difference was on that kick serve to the [righty] backhand. Not necessarily racking up the MPHs but there was just silly, silly, spin. I noticed it most playing today playing doubles against a gentleman who is normally a fantastic returner. He simply couldn't return the ball comfortably and it caused him to make an unusual # of errors.

Meh, average. Nice on overheads. decent on touch. Prettymuch a stiffer version of Iontec regular.

Tension maintenance:
No bueno-- I know that the string is a 1.20 instead of 1.25 but I found that the strings were significantly moving by hour 2 of play. By 3-5 the strings were super shifty and notched. I was really surprised it reacted this way given the success I had on 1.25 regular.

About 5 hours give or take-- notched then popped. The hexa definitely notches faster than the regular. Something really interesting that I noticed with the hexa. As you hit the ball (with spin) the string wears and fibers actually come off. It almost looks like a multi in that the string gets very slightly roughed up with these really small hairs sticking out. At first, I thought it was ball fuzz but upon closer examination, the string actually comes apart. Once the edges are gone, so too are the hairs for the most part.

Groundstrokes: 3.5-4/5
Serves: 4/5
Volleys: 4/5
Spin: 4/5
Power: 3.5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Tension: 3.5/5
Durability: 3.5-4/5

Overall, I'm really not impressed. Personally, I prefer the regular version and am looking forward to trying the black.
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