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Stefan Edberg seems to have done something clever with his winnings

Ivan Lendl I am sure has maintained/increased his wealth (although having five daughters has probably taken its toll ) - I think Jerry Solomon said he was always very astute money wise.

Don't know about the women's side.
This was what I was talking about in that Stakhovsky thread. Edberg's comment at the bottom is quite meaningful!

However, he thinks awareness among top tennis players about what to do with their wealth is absent and he hopes he can help. 'The knowledge isn't there, but the key is to find the right people or you might end up in trouble.'

He already has some sports people as clients but is looking to get more from that segment in the future. 'We are looking into that sort of business; maybe we could steer them away from trouble,' Edberg said.
Typical of softspoken, quiet and understated Stefan. Means he knows that tennis players are money idiots.
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