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@ zapvor - when you're not stealing racquets from teenage kids, and trying to steal racquets from another forum member and having the whole forum calling you out on it - lowering your already low reputation even futher - you just make yourself look stupid every time you post.

If you're too stupid to realise that a small amount of additional weight in the handle makes a noticeable difference to how the racquet feels and swings, just ask yourself why there's a trap door in the butt cap of most racquets? Then ask yourself why there's a significant difference between a polarized and non-polarized racquet, why there are a range of difference balances between racquets, why you have silicone injection into handles, why there are different distributions of mass between racquets, why when someone like Nadal adds 2g to his racquet it actually makes the news, why you have custom molded handles, why you have different pallet shapes and pallet lengths, why some pros insist on having grip half sizes, and why companies P1 and RPNY exist. Even your low levels intelligence might be enough to realise that there's a reason for all of that....

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