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Strung the 17 gauge up with bhbr 17 as a cross (ran out of bhb7 on the last cross). This is in a 4d 300 tour, strung at 51 lbs constant pull.

I can see what people are saying about the ball really going through the court. The ball really exploded forward in the direction it was hit. It was very different from bhbr.

groundstrokes: plenty of spin, and nice pop. Really helped out my backhand going cross court.

Serves: this is where I struggled. I just couldn't hit flat or kick serves. Slice serves were great though.

Volleys: I play doubles for my varsity team, so I need to have good feel. Fresh, it's ok to volley with. But after 5 hours if play, volleys were tough.

For a singles baseliner with topspin strokes, this is a great string. A bit better than bhbr. A 9.5/10 in my book.
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