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Default Federer vs. Blake final: thoughts

I taped the final and watched it twice to see what really happened. At first, Federer was hitting alot of topspin backhands and Blake was getting into a good rhythm. Blake actually likes consistent pace from his opponents.

What does Federer do ? Use alot of slices to change the pace, slow one moment, fast the next, drop shots, severe angles. In other words, forcing Blake to play a more *finesse* game, rather than the pure power game. Against Nadal, the power game worked.

Without the rhythm, Blake was shanking alot of flat shots, and eventually got confused and discouraged.

At first, I thought it was Blake just losing it mentally, but actually there's alot more to it. He's not used to all the different paces and spins Federer dished up.

Nadal seems to have Fed's number for now, but I think it's more mental than anything else. Personally, I don't find Nadal's game that impressive to watch, especially on TV where you can't see the ball bouncing from all that topspin.
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