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Proud to be on Board!

Me = Mid-Forties, 1BH, average club player in UK, play 4 times a week. Loyal Pure Drive User for 10 Years, started with Team version which until the 2012 came along, i used to say was the best ever for me, but the Black Drive is fast becoming an iconic stick.

I string mine with VS Touch @ 57lbs, syntec grip, VS orginal over grip.

Have demo-ed zillions over the years, and even bough a few others only to sell them and return to my Pure Drive Roots.

I am now satisfied to not touch any other rackets. The 2012 is the Daddy!

Long Live the Pure Drives

Ironically I was wondering if the 2012 delivered the same power as previous versions, but I believe that with the new much more solid and muted feel, that it does (but you just don't feel it in the arm as much as in other versions)
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