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I'm only passing through this PD club out of interest, but everyone's heard of the Wilson weight variances - how would you say the Babolat PDs and similar compare in this regard? Honestly.

The reason I ask is because I turned up at my club today having forgotten to bring my racquets so I borrowed a current PD demo from the club shop.

Although I owned a PD many moons away, I'm no expert on recent iterations of the PD, but the balance and weighting of this racquet just did not feel right at all. Just felt too 'hammer' heavy in the head with a very, very light handle. I could be wrong but I don't remember my old PD feeling like that.

The strings were worn out 16g Xcel that had lost a ton of tension, but I just couldn't jive with the stick, so a friend of mine, lent me his spare APDC. It must be years since I've played with that type of stick but it felt so much better as if there was more mass in the handle (the only change I could see was an OG) with an overall better balance to it / more even distribution of mass, and such an easy racquet to swing! You don't have to do anything to generate power, topspin, keep the ball in the court etc. And an unbelievably forgiving hoopsize (even if its the the slight expense of pinpoint accuracy).

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