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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
just thought of another string that might be a good choice for the PD...Head FXP Tour. Soft and control oriented. I think it has some poly in there too. Might be similar to NXT Control? It was too mushy and muted in my Instinct, but might be a good fit for the Pure Drive?
I have fxp tour in one of my pds right now. I like it, and at first I thought I had found a replacement for my alu power poly. But Ive gone back to alu power. Actually went to the shop today, between matches to get another pd2012 strung with it (traded in my Juice) . Ive compared them side by side, and to me the alu wins kver the fxp tou. Ive heard all of power players and others reasons why I shouldn't and don't need to be using poly and I am sure they are valid, however I personally have yet to find another string I like as well, in any racquet. And I am not a string breaker. I don't care, I like it and knock on wood do not have arm problems. I find the poly at a low tension just as comfortable and I like the feel. I am convinced arm issues are just as much or more related to how you swing then anything else because I have used soft racquets with soft strings and felt pain in my elbow by swinging improperly.

It might not be for you, but I get more control, more spin, a heavier Ball, and just as much comfort out of Alu Power at 54 LBS. I think that is the same tension dgdavid is using.

I don't wantt to start the poly debate
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