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Originally Posted by Lee
You know who has the best physique among current ATP players? RAFAEL NADAL for sure! Just look at his arms.. his biceps are probably twice as big as Roddick's. Since he is a great player on clay courts, I am sure his lower body is in great conditions as well.

As for Roddick being fat.. I do agree that he has excess body fat on his abs but I am sure he has very developed ab muscles beneath the flab. However, I don't understand why he is still so pale, considering the fact that he is playinig under the sun all the time...
If you see when Roddick's shorts ride up slightly he actually does have a tan line. He is just very white to start with. Like you, I wonder why he wouldn't have more color....but he must wear sun screen.

I know Nadal had great arms....but what about his legs? I've never seen those.
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