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Impressive flat out from Nico.

After Malaysia Ross Brawn described their car as a conundrum puzzle, so it is obvious that the team has done a really good job in the past three weeks. The car worked the tyres perfectly. The weather conditions of course were ideal for them, as well as the track layout. Had Schu survived his first pitstop Mercedes could even have made an one-two finish.

Behind Nico it was a close call between McLaren, RB and Lotus, with a slight edge for McLaren. Without his mishappen second pitstop Button would have been much closer to Nico, but I don't think close enough to actually challenge him, since Mercedes' strategy seemed the superior one today.

Allthough RB struggles a lot in qualifying, they are still competitive in the race. The tyre degradation issue seemingly hit Kimi the most as he dropped from the second place outside of top 10 in just 1 1/2 laps short before finish. Thus Lotus together with Sauber were the under performers today, while I think Ferrari made the most of their car under their present configuration.

Heading for Bahrain I hope we won't see any tanks on the circuit
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