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I was watching a WTT all star event in which Okker and Laver teamed up. I believe Okker and Laver won 6-1. I don't remember the other doubles team. Laver played great but Okker was even better. Okker's reflexes at the net were a slight to behold. I think Okker was named MVP of that all star event. Not sure but I think so.

We always talk about great singles and doubles players. McEnroe is often mentioned as great in both but Okker deserves to be among the top also with greats like Newcombe, Roche, Rosewall, Laver, Court, BJ King, Navratilova, Nastase etc.
Now that you mention WTT, which was run similarly to currentīs NBA, it would be great to have a record book of , at least, finals, MVPīs and all stars.As well as conference or division team ups...maybe Mustard or Krosero can post it up...
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