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So, I finally popped this string. It lasted a decent ammt-- definitely longer than the B7 by itself. 6ish hours of good quality hitting.

Overall consensus: not a terrible combination but ultimately, I prefer the two strings in full beds. I found that this string was a bit tricky in that it played better at lower speeds. When I had the time to sit and hit rolling topspin, it hit very well. When I had to contend with a more penetrating ball, the strings responded but the stroke was more linear.

See above for more details

Interesting turn of events. I did/do NOT like Iontec/ Hollow Core and it's beginning to make me question a few things. I got a chance to hit with it the other day and it simply does not have any of the great characteristics I've come to expect from a full bed of Iontec or even from a synthetic gut.

First and foremost my questions:
Is iontec a picky hybrid string?
Did I string it too tight at 50/53?
Should I have continued with the "Jet" method?

What I found:
The stringbed is very board-like and super low powered. If I wouldn't know what tension it was strung at, I would have guessed 56.

After popping my B7/iontec hybrid, I picked up this frame for a hit and my first ball didn't make it to the net. It bounced, then hit the net. There is literally NO power here. I'm guessing that the plasticky coating on the hollowcore doesn't allow for the iontec to slide back and forth properly to generate that easy spin.

Second. It feels like a 2x4. There's no pop, no dwell time, just board. I suppose someone who likes crisp, direct, feedback may like this but it's not for me after having played low tension poly. My strokes were complete and total mush. The ball was barely hitting the service line and my hitting partner was getting annoyed.

Overall, really shocking-- Even my hitting partner tried it after he popped his frame and he was making faces. I'll try hitting it again but as is, it's a no go. Perhaps dropping to 50/50 will yield better results.
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