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Originally Posted by ductrung3993 View Post
Well, here are my mixes of want and prediction:

Fed: More v-neck or crews (in terms of quantity or quality is both fine), I havent been pleased with most of his crews). Would like to see him more in yellow and pink again and REAL green (I dont count Wimbledons). For the polos, I'd love if there are sth other than plain colosr (like RG11, recent Spring lines) A pink shoes wouldn't hurt either

Rafa: The last few years his stuff has been EXTREMELY BORING. So I hope that Nike will give him a makeover, sth like Polos and Cargo is decent already. Don't care about the colors then, just more variety.

Potro: his line has always been very mainstream do I don't care as well. But I hope some of his stuff would be similar to Fed's and Rafa's or match them so I can save some money lol. And a better designed 2k12.
Pink Vapors for Fed would be awesome. I know Nike wont but still a man can dream right?

Agree 100% on Nadals shirts/shorts being super boring. I hope Nike will change it up for 2013.
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