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Originally Posted by DrewRafter8 View Post
I tried a full set of 16L Tour Bite today. I strung it up too high though. Felt solid but I strung it up at 47/45 and probably went five pounds too high. I figure the next time I play the tension will have dropped enough for me to like it a bit better. I'm still looking for a string to wow me in this racquet. Twisted Razor and Typhoon were awesome in my APDC+'s but I didn't care for the Razor in the Black Drive+. I'm going to drop the tension in the next racquet I string then I'm going to try BHB7. I'm thinking I'll order it, Blue Typhoon, and maybe B5E or the PLII Evo to try.

On a side note, lead at 12 is the way to go on this thing. I'm at 329 grams and it's perfect. I've been able to click with all aspects of my game with this stick. The stability is excellent compared to the APDC+ that I came from. I've always put a good swing on the ball and this Black Drive+ certainly doesn't make me miss the hollow feel of the APDC+.
How would you rate the comfort level of the Black Drive vs the APDC+? The APDC+ is always wearing on me one way or another, wrist, shoulder, neck. The new PD felt much more solid/cushy when I hit for 20 minutes but I wonder if in the long run it would be the same. What's your experience?
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