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Originally Posted by Ballistec_J View Post
I will say charcoal/team orange/photo blue polo at night with a white/team orange/photo blue polo during the day.
photo blue bandana and wristbands with team orange swoosh at night, team orange bandana and wristbands with photo blue swoosh during the day. Team Orange/Photo Blue/White/Charcoal 5.3's
Nike Elite Crew socks Photo Blue/Team Orange

Fed - Lucky Green & Black polo at night, Lucky Green and White polo during day.
Bandana & WB - Lucky Green with White Swoosh
Vapor 10s - Lucky Green/Black/White

Tomic - bold berry crew w/gridiron at night. crimson crew w/cool grey during day.
bold berry bandana & WB at night
Crimson bandana & WB during day.

Delpo - going to be out of the top 10 but still the biggest player on tour...
Awesome predictions man
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