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Default arm shaking, fatigue? stress?

Just a health question, i guess

Last semester, during the final exam time, my left arm started to shake suddenly. It was the last exam and I was going through stressful time with sleep deprivation.

I had somewhat similar experience except it was one of my left finger (middle i think?). But it was just once a long time ago.,

But this time, it was much severe...I tried to resist, by making a fist. It would go down a little bit. BUt then, I could hardly make a fist....Then it would shake again.

It didn't happen for a while, but happend again during my 2nd exam when I tried to open my hand up...

My body was really weakened last semester. I think i was somewhat going through a depression.

So my question is, is this something serious and could lead to nerve demage? Or Something I can igonre and try not to get stressed and fatigued?

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