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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
got my new PD strung up tonite. Decided to go with Black Excel 17 mains and PL Evolution crosses at 58/55. The Black and blue strings looks awesome in this frame! Can't wait to try it out tomorrow

Mine came in at 325 grams with overgrip and the 3/8 with overgrip is perfect size for me. Same diameter around as my Prince 4 1/2 with overgrip. Thanks guys for the hradsup on the grip size.
Proline Evolution is pretty powerful poly. strung with Excel, this should be a powerhouse combination. I would have probably strung it at 63/60. but they are both great strings. Evolution can creat massive spin.

Also try the Yonex poly tour Spin, it is Blue and it is also one of the best polys i have ever hit with.
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