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Default NOT a GOAT thread, but Fed is better than Sampras

So this is not a GOAT thread, I'm not claiming that Federer is the greatest of all time, as Ralph and Djesus still have plenty of time themselves to man up and take it for themselves. Some will say oldies like Pancho Gonzales or Bill Tilden or Laver could take Fed on. I'm not commenting on that.

This thread is simply to move the Petetards from the dark ages into the 21st century. Roger is better than Pete in almost every way possible. Even his volleys are more natural than Pete's, and he has to volley off of balls that are coming MUCH faster at him than anything Pete had to volley off of. Seriously, watch Sampr-*** v. Rafter 1998 US Open. If such creme puff returns were coming off his opponent's racket, hell even Nadal would serve and volley.

The ONLY thing Pete has over Roger is the serve. THAT'S IT. Time for the flat earthers, civil war re-enacters, and birthers of the Petetard movement to come out of the shadows of the Bronze Age of 90s tennis into the light of the modern game.

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