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Originally Posted by merwy View Post
Although I agree with you in that Federer is better than Sampras.. this thread is just asking to get flamed. I have no idea why you created this thread, it is completely irrelevant to anything that is currently going on in tennis, it looks as if you're just trying to annoy Sampras fans (i.e. trolling)

And I don't even know what to say about this. It used to be just the Nadal fans that were stupid trolls, but it seems that the *******s are making a decent effort to obtain the same reputation..

I like to state truths that tick people off. There is no question about that. But the fact of the matter is that I *am* stating truths.

Pete Sampras was the best player of the 90s. There's no question. But that statement requires many asterisks and sidenotes along with it, such as the fact that he could not win a match at the French Open to save his life in the latter part of his career, and lost to some pretty forgettable players like the great Yzaga at important events like...the AUSTRALIAN OPEN.

Pete Sampras was the greatest champion to walk on the courts of Wimbledon. Again, 7 titles means we can't question that statement. But again, we have to consider that Pete was losing so quickly at the French that he had so much more time to recover in the wake of that tournament such that by the time the rest of the field arrived on grass tired from actually you know, playing at the French Open, Petros started off nice and fresh from the extra time.

Pete Sampras had a winning record against his rival Agassi. Again, no question, but firstly, Pete lost on clay so much at the French he rarely had to play him there in the latter parts of his career, thus skewing the head to head in his favor at the slams. And Nadal is a VASTLY superior player to Agassi.

Thanks for the explanation of what trolling is by the way.
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