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Originally Posted by sunof tennis View Post
Quoted for truth. As a big Federer fan, I am embarrassed by some of the comments by the *******s here. I do believe that Federer is overall a better player. I did a stroke by stroke comparision in a previous thread. It is close, but it's Fed by a nose due to a better backhand and forehand. However, Pete takes the serve, especially the second serve and the volleys. Pete never missed the easy volleys Roger does.
no, it's not. your stroke by stroke comparisons are a product of your subjectivity; look at the results, and you'll get an objective view. Compared to Sampras, Federer has more majors, masters, more titles on grass, clay and hard, more finals, SFs, much more dominant, and according to you, it is close? are you kidding me? you should be embarrassed by your own posts, not of your fellow *******s'.

sampras should consider himself lucky that he gets mentioned in the same breath as Federer.
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