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Originally Posted by fed_rulz View Post
no, it's not. your stroke by stroke comparisons are a product of your subjectivity; look at the results, and you'll get an objective view. Compared to Sampras, Federer has more majors, masters, more titles on grass, clay and hard, more finals, SFs, much more dominant, and according to you, it is close? are you kidding me? you should be embarrassed by your own posts, not of your fellow *******s'.

sampras should consider himself lucky that he gets mentioned in the same breath as Federer.
"Fed Rulz?" Hahaha! With a handle like that, certainly you are a p a r a g o n of perspective and objectivity. Have you ever seen Sampras play live? Federer? Any other greats? Who was Federer's main competition between 2003-2007 when he collected most of his titles? Counting up titles as the exclusive measure of greatness is hardly the method of an objective, analytical observer.

PS: I can't imagine why "p a r a g o n" would be a problematic word on TT.
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