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Really? Because the last time I checked, Federer beat Sampras on fast grass playing S&V tennis, he also won 2003 Wimbledon playing 80% S&V. In contrast, Sampras was a failure on clay, he was not even a factor there. Federer has had matchup problems but he never sucked on a surface like Sampras and Ralph which makes the two one dimensional.

And Federer prefers the faster surfaces ANYWAY. So in theory he would've won more majors in the 90s. Tell me one major today that is even remotely fast compared to say 04/05 let alone the 90s. Heck even USO is slow today and it's only a matter of time when it's the same speed as AO. It's a joke how much the authorities have tampered with the surfaces.
Cue Petetards in their periods raging in outrage about you bringing up a silly little FACT like that. What shocks me is how often Petetards forget that Roger won his first Wimbledon serving and volleying on a fast grass court. He changed his style because in his own words he didn't want people to "be able to beat me with one shot".

Also, Rafa to me is already superior to Sampras because he was similar to Sampras in that he was uncomfortable on a particular surface (hard court) but unlike Sampras, transcended the limitation, changed his game, and ended up winning the slam of that surface (US Open).
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