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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
"Fed Rulz?" Hahaha! With a handle like that, certainly you are a p a r a g o n of perspective and objectivity. Have you ever seen Sampras play live? Federer? Any other greats? Who was Federer's main competition between 2003-2007 when he collected most of his titles? Counting up titles as the exclusive measure of greatness is hardly the method of an objective, analytical observer.

PS: I can't imagine why "p a r a g o n" would be a problematic word on TT.
lol, so using your subjective opinion is the preferred method of an objective, analytical observer -- plus you're neither analytical nor objective, so stop being so full of yourself. News flash: Federer surpasses Sampras by some distance in most metrics, not just titles. As far as competition is concerned, Mr. Sampras does not necessarily have a case for strong competiton when: his #2 was AWOL for most of his prime, no-slam wonder Rios as #1 during his prime, malivai washington in the finals of wimbledon, losing to Yzaga at the USO.. i'm not even bringing up clay or Gilbert Schaller or Delgado..

hey, here's Mr. "Rosewall hit 80 mph backhands" nonsense guy. question for you: did you mean 80 miles per hour or 80 meters per hour? i'm pretty sure you're not that stupid to claim the former.... the latter sounds pretty stupid too, so can you please elaborate what the "m" stood for?

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