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Originally Posted by fed_rulz View Post
And Sampras grew up on hard courts, yet Federer's record far surpasses Sampras in HC; so what's the point of bringing up where he grew up? Are you claiming that the fast surfaces didn't aid sampras more in holding serve than the slower surfaces of today? what BS -- the world's "greatest" serve comes up a cropper on clay. Here's a gentle reminder: the surfaces were slowed down (wimby, especially) because the tournament was turning into a serve fest. Are you still going to deny that Sampras had an easier time holding serve because the surfaces barring clay aided him?

yeah, Federer has more grass titles because he played warm up tourneys? and sampras didn't? it's Federer's fault that sampras lost early? what a moronic argument.. you seem to get into this mode anytime there's a Federer vs Sampras argument.

you don't get to define what a "normal" federer fan is. may be you like Sampras and Federer equally, so you play the objectivity card, and would clamor for them to be mentioned in the same breath -- but i don't have to. i
look at facts, and it's pretty evident that Federer is a league above sampras.
Please show me where I denied that fast surfaces aided the Sampras serve. And of course Federer has more titles on hardcourt. I never disputed that Federer was the better player. I just said that holding serve was something Sampras was better at than Federer. obviously the Federer return game was better than the Sampras return game, and obviously he's the more accomplished player. I never disputed any of this, you just assumed I did because your **** brain can't allow me to say that Sampras had a better hold game and wasn't as good on clay as Federer; you took those statements and extrapolated the remainder, none of which I believe. You have no idea what I'm talking about, and this post proves it.

For the record: no one considers you remotely objective, nor do they take you seriously. Everyone here knows you're one of the blindest ***** out there, including the Petetards and *******s. You're completely unobjective and have no connection with the reality of the situation, which is that, despite how much you despise it, the truth is that Sampras is among the best out there, and his hold game is NOT inferior to Federers. You can't win 14 majors, finish 6 years IN A ROW at number 1 without something special. For pete, it was his hold game and attacking game. Come ON. Get a clue!
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