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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
What did y'all think of Brock's promo last night? I get what yall are saying about Brock having a girly voice, but still think he delivers well and with conviction.
He still is a monster no matter his voice. He brings legit fear with him into a ring. alot of these guys you look and only see a performer and think ya right like he could really beat that guy but with Brock that never happens. He is huge and strong so works as an intimidating monster.

Kinda like how Kane was before he got older and they tried to make him a good guy.

I was happy to see Mark Henry in a big match last night but they just dont do him justice. They have him lose to Punk which is ok but I dont know I feel like they show him as weak for some reason. I just loved his scary monster side and I just dont feel it anymore from him.
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