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Originally Posted by muddlehead View Post
always remember capriati for not doing what was right in this match.
always will admire serena for not walking off the court like i would have.
they have sports shows on worst ever sports calls
1972 olympic hoops us vs ussr usually number one
this match is a tie for number one
Sure, it might have been 'nice' for Capriati to give Serena the contested points, but at the end of the day women's tennis isn't a sorority. And anyway, Capriati may not have been 100% sure herself, or even if she was, it wasn't her job to correct bad calls. Blame the umpire, blame the linesmen, but don't blame the competitor who wants to win the match.

Also, compare Serena's reaction at the end of that match to the end of her 2003 French Open match against Henin. Serena barely gave a hand to Henin at the end but she embraced Capriati at the end of the one in question. Therefore she clearly didn't blame Capriati either.
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