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Copied from my post in the other thread...

Originally Posted by UBER Forehand View Post
That's New Age crap. Let me post you a link to what science tells about a part of the mental aspect of the game.

I haven't read Kiteboard's stuff yet, but I think I will now.

I think there's something you're overlooking, though: A belief may not be "true", yet despite that it may be "useful."

For example, science gives no support to the existence of God, yet many scientific studies have shown the positive effects of believing in God. This is why many health organizations will support "faith-based" recovery programs. They have been proven to speed up recovery.

Another example, if you're trying to bench press a heavy weight, you might tell yourself, "Light as a feather." Well, it's flat out false that the weight is light as a feather. But doing your best to believe it is may help you in lifting it.

Finally, scientific studies of optimism and pessimism have consistently shown that people who tested as "pessimistic" tend to be able to make more accurate factual assessments of many situations. In other words, pessimists are "realists," whereas optimists are often dreamers and deniers.

Yet, which of these people do you think are healthier, live longer, are more successful, have better social relations, and are happier? The optimists.

So New Age crap may not be "true", but that doesn't matter. What matters is whether it's helpful. I guess Kiteboard's readers can chime back in a few weeks and let us know.
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