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Two new developments:

I hit for a tick with the Iontec/ HC combination last night and while I still have to work much harder to hit the ball, it hits a very solid flat ball when you connect. A friend of mine noticed that while my % of quality shots wasn't favorable, the ones that were penetrated the court very well. It's amazing the difference between this string bed and the others I've been playing. I can literally hit the exact same shot and with one string the ball clears the net by a few feet and bounces a little past the service line while the It/HC tags the bottom of the net. The elasticity of poly at the lower tension is incredible.

The second interesting development is that I've been playing the 16g B7 to give me some insight on whether I want to buy a reel of this or Iontec Black. Initially strung at 50, I wasn't a huge fan. The pocketing that I found on my initial plays just wasn't there the way it was the first two times. While the string was nice to play, it didn't have the magical characteristics that I was expecting. Saturday, I played beach tennis all day but happened to bring my tennis racquets to the courts as well. Silly me left them in the 90+ degree car. Needless to say the tension dropped and when I picked the B7 frame up last night for 4.5 practice it felt terribly loose. I was ready to switch out to a fresh frame until I actually hit a ball. It.Played.Great. After a little bit of adjustment in warmup I played some of the best doubles I've played in years. Something just clicked and I was able to put the ball on court with a low percentage of errors. Most importantly, the string bed was comfortable and I was able to hit my serve however I wanted with confidence. I was able to maintain about a 65% 1st serve at 100+mph flat without any double faults in 2 sets. I was so jazzed

The moral of my rant: I'm more confused than ever on which reel I want to buy(ItB or B7). I might just spring for both...
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