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Originally Posted by R1CKSO View Post
That's true as always VS, but I still think he wasn't too focused or determined after that, also injuries were present since those days, I'll take Hewwitt's case for an example, he also won 2 slams, and it's been really long since he has won anything, but still, he tries his best every match, trains hard and gives his best everytime, I remember Safin throwing matches to the trash can from a critical point he missed and that little point then turned into sets and matches, but still for me, greatest underachiever, such a shame time doesn't forgive or allow to remain on the top always...
Since Hewitt's last Grand slam win he has won at least one tournament every year. So a big difference there for Hewitt. The guy is far more stable and competes better. That is why he is still around competing and winning.
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