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Default Website with a listing of high speed video cameras.

I have been looking for a website that lists high speed video cameras. This is the best that I have found so far, helpful to find cameras. I am not sure if it lists from all available cameras or only those sponsored in some way by retailers or manufacturers. You can select frame rate, camera type, etc.

The issue of MANUAL exposure control and AUTO exposure control has been discussed in this thread. MANUAL can produce the minimum motion blur that is desirable for sharp high speed videos of rackets, ball impacts, etc. I believe that only the discontinued Casio F1, FH20, FH25, and FH100 (2010) have been offered with full MANUAL. I don't believe that there are any new affordable HSV cameras are now offered with full MANUAL control, all are AUTO. Still, a $120 camera with AUTO & 240fps could show you a great deal about your tennis strokes.
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