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Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
He did have a good run and it was good to see after all the years of him being a company man he finally got rewarded. Just kinda disappointed to see it end but such is wrestling. On to the next guy or HHH vs HBK vs Undertaker once for the last time again.

Bryan cracks me up. He is degrading this girl so bad and yet people are cheering for it. Just no heel heat at all. The yes chants have the feeling of the what chants. Not sure I am gonna be a fan of that.

Jobbing out Bryan to Sheamus seems to have hurt Sheamus alot more. Just not a great way to exchange a belt at Wrestlemania at all. Not sure if they where punishing Bryan or just ****** writing again. when I saw it happen I figured someone must have been hurt but that isnt the case.
Im not a fan of the yes chants. That what chants are pretty lame. But when R-Truth did the

"Dont what Me."


"OK what me"

it was kinda funny.

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Don't forget, Olympic trials are this weekend. You can watch them (tape delayed) on NBC Sports Network (Versus) Saturday and Sunday:
Thanks for the info I will be sure not to watch that as nobody can powerbomb anybody or do anythign remotly entertaining.
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