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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
The last few years he was on tour he was not beating let alone toying with to many guys ranked in the top 10. In his last year his only top 10 win was against Davydenko and he had a losing record at 19-22.

In 2008 he broke even at 24-24 win-loss. Again his only top 10 win was against Davydenko and a out of form Djokovic at Wimbledon. If it was not for his miraculous 2008 Wimbledon run to the semis he would have had a losing record.

Safin was burnt out. He was done.
The djokovic victory, for me, was just a small taste of what's Safin capable, if he had waited a little more and concentrated on practice, maybe he could have regained strenght after surgery and gain more confidence on movement and forehand, which for me, was the shot that he struggled more after it...
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