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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
PPA isn't immune from fraying, but it's definitely highly resistant to fraying for a multi. If you do see fraying it's micro-fraying like RIP Control. It eventually wears down till it''s paper thin and then it snaps. It doesn't move much and it notches, which seems to lock it in place. In terms of durability, it's up there next to RIP Control. I never tried Thunderblast, but I know that the black dye on black PPA seems to act similarly to what Mikeler described about Thunderblast. It comes off and you can see where you've been hitting the ball, and the string appears white underneath.

This was my experience too. The strings stayed relatively locked into place with some micro fraying. They just kept getting thinner and held on way longer than I thought. If you want a mega fraying multi, go for Xcel or Micronite/Microfibre.
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